Weta workshop… not but, yes really!

I’ve a commission to do for a passionate bloke and his wife and the passion is in the realm of Kites. The man, Malcolm, is off to Europe to fly kites and saw my weta box in Henderson as the graphic he wants on a kite to take with him.

Two birds with one stone equals me doing a painting with all the frills and then himself removing the basic red, black and blue graphic for the kite.

So my good friend John has just brought a new camera, and a very flash lens, and he has a real Weta, which I arrived at his house this morning to borrow, it’s dead though, but there he was out in the front garden taking photos of flowers quickly approaching their use by date… so I got some very pro photos of Weta as reference for the painting which, the canvas, was made (out of sliced 4 x 2) and stretched and undercoated yesterday.
weta 1
even weta 1

So now I’ll just crop up the images to suit me and the work and send them to the copy shop for some hard copy I can handle and peruse easily while I paint.

Which I’ll do all day and into the night…except for a brief sojourn to Vit S tonight.
Life itself can be very easy… if you fill it with hard work!

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