Add some colour to canvas…

Tranfer the drawing to the canvas.
Then put in the blue…
Then the red…
Then get arty about things…
arty one. RT1!
Here we go…!

4 Replies to “Add some colour to canvas…”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Google brought me here, and I enjoyed your documentation of your work, especially your weta. Your Alderman Drive weta box featured on my blog recently ( — I had to ask at the council about the name of the artist; tomorrow I want to show your Railside Ave railway bogie). Let me know of other traffic boxes you have done, I love creepy-crawlies.

    Best wishes, Paul

  2. Nice Blog there Paul! There is one other box I did out West, it’s on Royal Rd, where the motorway off ramp is. It’s of Peter Sauerbier, the Sculptor who lived up on Don Buck, but passed in 2005… or was it 2007?
    I did while he was dying, as he was a friend, and I want him to know that we, other artists, acknowledged his contributions even if the bureaucrats didn’t. It was hard work bothering a dying man for info but I eeventually got it and when he saw it it gave him a new lease on life… not for long though and he passed within months. All his artworks he bequeathed to The Council and even his house… so they could build a musuem at Corbans in his honour.

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