Workshop stuff

I kinda got a little lost there for a while. After the exhibition, making sales and then spending money I kinda lost touch with my self. Simply put is that after an exhibition is in the gallery my whole place is usually a complete mess… Common sense would tell me that going in and tidying up everything might be a good idea but with money in pocket it’s always alot more fun to just gad about and follow the eyes to things that glitter and gleam. That common sense would work well, also, because in going into the workspaces and tidying everything up one would get a much more practical notion of where monies should be spent.

But I didn’t do that and in spreading myself thing in the place of consuming as pleasure I lost sight of my core confidence in my abilities and became more open to what I thought others might want… and thats always a losing battle. So after a week or two getting back into masonary, and doing a little shifting about to be able to do this, I realised a tidy up was the real order of the day, or days… actually what I needed to do and as soon as I got started the world of what to do’s and how to’s, as advocated by others, just started dropping away and I realised how important what I was doing was for me.

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