I got a little money recently, enough to pay most of my bills or at least keep people reasonably happy, and a bit left over to get a bunch of DVD’s. I always tend to wait until I can get them in the recent releases and watch what I hope are a big bunch of good movies almost without rest. Anyways last night I got a movie called “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rouke and I watched it first simply ’cause I wasn’t expecting much and while I watched I didn’t feel I was getting much. It kinda lopped along on the border of bad acting but after a while I realised what was seen as bad acting was actually incredibly good acting because the people came accross as plain ol’ human. Kinda like the reality shows with all the stupid people but without the playing up to the camera, the edge of idiocy removed and starkly honest. Wow, this is kinda good I thought, but I still couldn’t see the point. So it’s still just lopping along and then it’s over… no bang, no twist, just over and I go to bed thinking, well, I wasn’t bored but I wasn’t excited either… oh well. I just didn’t get it but this morning it kinda resurfaced and the subtle details were so subtle it took sleeping on it to realise how great a movie it actually was.

I also read a book lately, by the guy who wrote the last king of scotland, the book prior to the movie (the wrestler) I guess, and it was kinda like the movie. It lopped along but it’s real significance didn’t really hit me until I’d finished it and put it down and a few days had passed. I kinda knew it was good because as I was reading it there were some passages that stood out, I didn’t really get them, but I knew they were gold. Gold I couldn’t see yet but I knew it was there.

I went back into it yesterday to find one of those golden passages, before I watched the movie in the evening, and now I’m going to write it down and it’s eerily similar to what the movie was actually about. I like this eerie stuff where you know theres something there but you can’t quite put your finger on it and it kinda replicates itself in different areas until it dawns on one what it all kinda means… but you never get the whole story and have to take it all in on faith that its significance to your own life is important.

The book is called Turbulence and it’s by Giles Foden.
” So many of our deepest feelings, in any case, come to us as doubtful, tangled, compound experiences. Events themselves as they happen condition the way we see previous events, making us recalibrate the chain of causation even as we teeter along it, casting all the while a speculative eye at a web of possible futures… This is what living – conscious living – is.”

Isn’t that absolutely wonderful?
My workshop is full of turbulence but it’s not turbulent. Not to me.
M.I. knob plugs?

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