Keeping busy

Not the sum total at all, theres another chair and a mirror thats been done and finished, but the reason I haven’t been here for a while is because I’ve been flat out doing this stuff. Still can’t manage to get good photos though.
This is called the girl with a tail and is modelled on something I did years ago. Got it slightly wrong in that the kick up to the front of the seat is too great and she digs at the underside of the bottom of the legs.
The finished Ottoman, and it’s really hard to see the cushioning, so I’ll have to photograph it in better light.
and the chaise
And the crowning glory of my efforts.
and from kinda way back
This was what started it all. Pierre bought it and that allowed me the money to buy materials and do all the rest.
kinda difficult
And to finish it off theres this little oficey chair which doesn’t look too much out of the ordinary but was in-ordinately time consuming to make.

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  1. They are all for sale right now. .. pretty much! The top one is in my shed getting used as a shelf, the Ottoman has been sold but the other two are in an exhibition in Parnell.

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