Back into Welding.

Moneys just about gone after the show so I’m out in the lean to putting stuff together. I also went to a thing at the Wine Cellar last Tues and took my old friend Verushka along and picked her up at the old council apartments on Symonds, at the top of Wellesley?, but while I was there I saw a candle holder that I’d made way back in the 90’s and that she’d, Verushka, had been given by a friend and Verushka took it as it reminded her of my stuff… because it was!

So I’m thinking I might also do a bevy of little things to take along to Lin’s or Shenna’s stalls at Titirangi next week and for maybe the Elliot St market on Sundays, which is only $35.00 for the day.

But today, Monday I’m going to build another musical instrument, two woks welded together, with strings, three, in nylon, but yesterday and on saturday I started this.
tied up!
Bent two lengths of 19mm ERW and then suspended them from the roof to get them in the space I wanted them then bent up a base and positioned that from the floor. It can be quite tricky figuring out how to get started with this kinda stuff and I think I’ll do it this way again. This is the first time I’ve suspended stuff from above.
Then yesterday I welded in some 12mm ERW to hold the three bends together and then welded in some legs.
Next step is the laborious task of welding all the joins completely and now it’s done, and after a today of making an instrument for sound, I’l be welding in all the stuff to make it strong and hopefully look neat as well. Most of the decoration I do isn’t there just to be decorative but serves the purpose of holding things together.
Looks kinda kooky at the mo’ but I do have a plan… well as much as I ever have plans… more like hopes, that what I envisage kinda sketchily ends up resolving itself as I go through the process of having ideas about specific areas and following them through and “hoping” that the finished product has an overall consistency.

I’ve also got to build a spaceship this week for Sheena (Titirangi on Sunday) but I’m sure I’ll wait until Saturday to do it but I’ll have it in the back of my mind all week and I really do find that letting you head do the work, in the shady shadows of the backgrounds, is the best way to work, then when you physically put something together you don’t have to stop and figure out what you’re doing at each step ’cause your brains already done it all and it’s all completely obvious.

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