For the Radio Stuff!

I did this deal with the guys at Revel Cafe in K Rd whereby I get the old radio stuff, donated by (can’t remember his name at this moment) Radio Spares around the corner, that was in the toilet if I replace it with a small sculpture. I wasn’t getting around to it, only remembering once I was in the vicinity of Revel, so I dropped off P4HF saying I’d leave this one in the meantime to encourage me doing another. The boss got wind of it and thought he was getting P4Hf, which is interesting to think he would think someone so beneficent (which I’m not), so I emailed him the real story and in light of that, and to get P4HF back asap, I did this this morning.
For the Kids we build!
It’s called “For the Kids we build!” and it’s got the baby head inside the alluminium pot with Buzz Lightyear above the looking in hole and this basically means the babies are brought into a technological world.
The bit at the top is two sheep and a monkey wearing clothes sitting on a pineapple podium which is about our harnessing nature for our own ends and basically just being monkeys with clothes on. The small amount of hope thats within this statement is that the monkey, leaning down towards those watching, is that he can’t help but be in a position to hear the sheep murmuring about freedoms.

So from today on in it’ll be in the toilet at Revel Cafe in K Rd.

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